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I’m sure it’s been as challenging a year for you, as it has been for me.  Extremely challenging!

Our mindset is everything in life.

I’ve thought much about mindset this year as I do my best to keep positive and moving forward even when I rather just go back to bed and get under the covers.

The truth is, that how we react to facts, circumstances, and even our feelings makes such a big difference between success and failure.  Our mindset influences how we do everything.

I have found that when a business can’t get to the next level, it isn’t the business that needs fixing first,  instead it’s the mindset of the owner that needs adjusting or change!

Where to start?

Step 1 of course.

  1. Remove Tolerations.   Get what you’re tolerating about yourself, your business, your life, and others written on paper so you can get rid of your tolerations.  In other words, get what’s in your head (and heart) down on paper where you can do something about it.  I’ll give you the link to more about tolerations and the form I complete below  or if you’re reading this on my blog, join my newsletter where you can ask me for the link

Getting rid of the baggage — large and small – sometimes takes physical action and other times it takes the action of deciding to let it go.

The main thing is that before you jump into growing your business in 2021, take out your own trash!   Mindtrash include old beliefs, thoughts, and actions that are holding you back from growing.

In fact, get rid of as many of your tolerations as possible before the year starts.

It’s amazing how removing tolerations frees up your mind for your clients and more time in your own life.   I learned that myself when I learned about the concept of Removing Tolerations at coaching school.  Now you can live a better life with old Tolerations removed, too.

Start 2021 with a clean slate (or close to it) by saying good-bye to time wasters and the other things that are holding you back.

And oh.  Don’t forget to add things to your tolerations list like:

  • Remove self-doubt or drama
  • Being Adrenaline Driven
  • Fear of failure.
  • Having to do things perfect vs. getting them done.
  • Inability to make important business decisions.
  • Always coming from a position of lack.
  • Procrastination.
  • Etc.


Here is the process:

  • Create your Tolerations List. This means write things on the list about your life and business.
  • Pick 2-3 tolerations to deal with this week.
  • Act on whatever it is you need to do to kick the Toleration to the curb.
  • Clean out your trash and after you remove each item from the list, give yourself a pat on the back (really do it!). Celebrating is always part of the process, too.
  • Challenge yourself in 2021!


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Upwards and onwards,