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During your journey as a business owner, there will be business operations and circumstances that are tougher to navigate than others.  I’ve listed 17 areas in which independent advisors commonly get stuck.

We all have different strengths and weaknesses and as such you’ll find areas that earn you a Hurrah! and areas that need your attention. Print the list and place a checkmark near 3 important areas to start working on now.

If you find that you have more than 3 areas that need help, know that you’re not alone! These situations can be made more manageable with laser-focused consultative coaching.

  1. Living a full-filling life AND running a viable business at the same time
  2. Leading and retaining a growing team and client services
  3. Managing your time so that you don’t end up burnt out
  4. Deciding when to delegate the operations and/or management of your business
  5. Turning strangers into profitable and happy clients
  6. Getting referrals from ideal clients to other ideal clients
  7. Determining which clients to work with and which to send elsewhere
  8. Deciding when it’s time to retire or partially retire (succession planning)
  9. Learning when to delegate tasks and when to dump them
  10. Figuring out the best ways to sell, market, and network
  11. Determining which social networking sites to use, for how long, and for what reasons
  12. How to become a better leader
  13. Developing and/or introducing new products and services for your clients
  14. Deciding what technology to use and when to buy it
  15. Figuring out when to take a step back before you move forward
  16. Deciding which consultant(s) to hire and when
  17. How to create workflows, processes, and procedures


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