PSA from Coach Maria: The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program

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Maybe you missed this important USA resident benefit information from May 2021?

Maybe no one you knew qualified then, but now do?

Maybe your clients know someone who can benefit from their phone or Internet being funded?

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The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program started in May 2021

The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program may help residents find some monetary relief in paying for some (or all, depending on what you’re paying now) of your phone or Internet bills — should you qualify.  There is even a program for a discount in buying laptops.

Money is available from The Emergency Broadband Benefit Program.  It provides a temporary discount (or in some cases, if your bills are less then the subsidy, it will pay the entire bill) on monthly broadband bills for qualifying low-income households.  The program also offers certain discounts on laptop purchases from certain companies.

The program will end when the fund runs out of money, or six months after the Department of Health and Human Services declares an end to the COVID-19 health emergency, whichever is sooner.    (MM Note: Let’s hope Covid  ends sooner!)

Do you qualify?


MM NOTE: I just helped someone fill out the forms and they were approved.  My suggestion:  Fill out forms slowly as you read what you need to complete to quality.  One site makes you then go to another site to complete the same information and so on.  You need to get a 9 digit number and approval.  You may wait 24-48 to get approved, which happens by email.  Then you call your phone/internet company (one a company that qualifies) pronto to give them the original 9 digit code you received!  They will add those approval numbers to the account you already have or open an account for you.


Learn more about the program at

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public service announcement.

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