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The best time to hire an advisor is when you’re ready.  Sounds simple enough, but as an advisor yourself, you know that there is more to being ready that most people realize.

I’m sure you’ve had clients who went through the motions and you knew they wouldn’t better themselves.  People who wanted quick fixes when none were possible.  Individuals who wanted to do some of the necessary work but not follow through. Clients whom you just couldn’t help because they weren’t ready or were running through the paces because they were told it was the right thing to do.

So, before you invest in yourself and your business, and the services of a Results Consultative-Coach, it’s so important you’re in the right mindset to:

  1. Be serious about growing your business in a systematic way.
  2. Take a thorough look at your people, processes and profit from a drones eye view.
  3. Understand that overall, your business is a reflection of the state of your life.
  4. Remove all the Band-Aids you’ve been putting on problems you’ve been experiencing for years.
  5. Be ready to cut through the crap, leave your ego behind, and be ready for honest feedback.
  6. Kick bad habits and thinking to the curb.
  7. Commit to act now and execute daily business management and marketing activities.
  8. Make an investment in your life and your business and hire a new team member – me!

If you believe that’s you, take the “Coachability Quiz” here.

Upwards and onwards,

Maria Marsala

Results Consulting & Coaching

P.S.    If you believe that’s you, take the “Coachability Quiz” here.