22 January 2020

How To Create An Advisory Firm Business Plan When It’s The Last Thing You Want To Do

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Creating your first business plan, whether you're new to business or an established advisor starts with introspection and continues with your answers to the 24 business development questions below. I've provided you with questions that will get the process going. If you're in need of funding, answer these questions BEFORE you sit down with business plan software that will walk you through a much longer but necessary process. If instead you need a plan to help you run and scale your business, start by answering the questions below.  Then get on the wait list for my next Create Your Business Growth Plan Masterclass wait-list  to learn how to put everything together and monitor what you've created. 

13 September 2019

Do This Before You Create Your First Strategic Plan

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I'm not going to lie to you.  Advisors can do well without planning, and many do for quite some time.  Then they get stuck.  The owners try everything, working even harder and longer hours.  They are BUSY!  Yet, they’re reaching neither their business nor personal goals.  They're often quite exhausted and find that they're making more mistakes. To become a high-performing organization and to grow rapidly, a company really needs a planning and monitoring process they're willing to use to grow their business and themselves. Got yours? I sure have mine! Back in 2000, I finally came across a planning system I was willing to use.  Ironically, I'd taught business planning classes at a local college, but I

13 September 2019

Marketing Plan or Business Plan, Which Do You Need?

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Most advisors start out with the same basic dilemma,  They have neither a business plan nor a marketing plan. Instead, they’re winging it! Needless to say, this isn’t the most efficient or effective way to run a financial firm. It’s also a good way to consistently work 50+ hour weeks, suffer from the constant nag of stress, and end up with a dreadful case of burnout! Do you know the difference between a business plan and a marketing plan? A business plan is not a marketing plan. Having a marketing plan without a business plan leads to churning through a lot of money fast. So what’s the difference and which one do you need? I’m glad

13 September 2019

Strategic Planning Roadblocks Explained

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Most advisors don’t use a business and marketing plan to drive or guide the growth of their business.  Then one day they decide it's time. They come to me kicking and screaming about writing a plan, not wanting to do it, but somehow innately knowing that a plan is overdue. Why don’t advisors, who help their clients plan, create a plan?  The explanations go something like: “I don't need funding, so I don’t need a 50-page business plan.” “My plan is going to change anyway, so why should I waste my time creating it?” “It will take too much time.” “I started to and found it overwhelming.” “I didn't start a business to do the types

9 July 2017

Kick-start your firm any time of the year!

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Business good, but you want GREAT? Financial businesses can do well without planning, many do. However, at some point in their business cycle, they become stuck. To become a high performing organization, to grow your firm more rapidly, a firm needs a solid foundation which includes a planning and monitoring process. Got yours? I sure do have mine! Back in 2000, a major shift in my business occurred when I came across the One Page Business Plan® process. Now, as a certified consultant for the program, I help business owners, executives, and teams to make major shifts in their business or career. Don't let the simplicity of the name fool you. While the process helps you

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