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Question for: Accountants and Financial Advisors (Only)

It’s time to take the bull by the horn and get your questions answered.  What are some of the questions you’d like answers to?

I am planning to host a series of (free) Q/A teleseminars where I will answer questions about growing or marketing your business. Topics could be on finding more clients, business planning, accountability, marketing, networking, social networking, designing systems, automating, hiring, firing, creating a newsletter, getting referrals, etc

The more specific your question the better, include background information, too.

Having your questions will assist me to make these sessions very content based . If you prefer to not have your question posted here, feel free to reply to me privately at web2 AT ElevatingYourBusiness DOT com

The first in the series of sessions will be held on Tuesday, September 20, 2011 at 10:00am PST / 1pm EST

Answer this question in the comments area below or on Linkedin at

(I put this question on LinkedIn ANSWERS first, however, as a usual course of events, not many financial professionals visit there. )
Thanks in advance!

Who is Maria?

An unstoppable entrepreneur,  Maria began selling AVON at age 14, landed at Merrill Lynch on Wall Street at age 17, and shattered the glass ceiling by age 21.  Fiercely determined and keenly insightful, she became a bond trader at Reynolds Securities when female executives were as rare as pink diamonds.  Maria spent the next 20 years trading, streamlining corporate operations, and dispensing advice that made and saved millions of dollars for her employers:  Bear Stearns, Fundamental Brokers Inc., and Carroll McEntee & McGinley.  Maria also mentored many secretaries and clerks transforming them into junion traders.

In 1998, brimming with over 25 years of business experience, Maria founded Coach Maria, a business growth and solutions company dedicated to helping high-achieving female CEOs, presidents, and executives attract higher-end clients and profits.  In 2007, with a name change to Elevating Your Business, Maria niched to help independent accounting and financial advisors find more clients, improve revenues, increase productivity and bring work-life balance to their lives.  She customizes solutions to detect and overcome each client’s unique obstacles, helping them realize a business and lifestyle they only imagined possible.