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If you’re a small business owner and print 15 or more pages a month, you might want to look at HP’s new Instant Ink plans for small business owners.

Their advertisement says you can possibly save as much as 50% on ink.

Rather than buying ink as you run out, this program is similar to the programs that large businesses have with printer companies.  You pay for ink by the page.

You pay for the pages you use, not necessarily the ink.  For example: As a rule, printing something with color costs more than printing in black/white.  Yet with Instant Ink, the monthly fee stays the same no matter what’s on the page.

There is an “overage” fee should you go over your allotment in a month.   The overage fee is very clear when you read more about their program.

If you don’t use all the pages in your plan during a month, the unused pages are held over for a second month.  But read on the site exactly how many pages get rolled over .

To go directly to HP to learn more, here’s the link

How they record what you print

You do need to use a Wi-Fi or Ethernet enabled printer.

“Page counts are not recorded in real time. Printed pages are automatically recorded about once per day and reflected in your Print History on the date they were printed provided that the printer is connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. If pages are printed when the printer is not connected to the Internet (offline), those pages will be recorded on the date the printer comes back online. Pages printed without using Instant Ink cartridges are not recorded.” From the HP website.

Two questions you want answered before comparing what you’re doing with what’s being offered:

1) How many pages a month do you usually print?

2) How much does it cost you per year to replace the ink?

What I can tell you personally:

  1. The ink cartridge I received from HP is extra big, not XL like I can purchase in a store.  It’s much larger, but it fits.  I’m going to have to replace the ink less often than I’ve done in the past.
  2. It was kinda spooky getting a message on my laptop that I was running out of ink and that more was on its way.  Technology, right?!?
  3. I like that HP included a free return old ink envelope in my first order, too.  They told me not to return it to them until it is filled with any HP ink.

What’s New?

I’ve been using the Instant Ink system now for 3 months.  I am printing more pages than I thought and have had to change the “print plan” I’m on twice.  So, it’s been interesting to learn how much I print a month.

Considering the current plan I’m on, if I stay at this level of printed pages, I will save 50% off the price of ink.  However, if I were to guess how things will work out 12 months from now, I’d say I’ll be saving 30% off the prices I paid last year buying recycled cartridges, plus there won’t be any travel to the store to buy new cartridges or time spent ordering online.

So far, so good.

Learn More

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