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You may have unclaimed money from a state or the federal government due you.  So may your family members, relatives and/or clients


It never ceases to amaze me which state or government might owe me my own money!  The amazing part is that 95% of the time that I’ve found this money, I’m still living at the same address as stated on the unclaimed property file.

Go figure.

So, if you haven’t checked your own name, it’s time.

Personally, I usually do it myself, yearly, much closer to the New Year than now, but, you know, Covid has had a way to keep us off our mark.  start the year off checking for your “found money”.

Even if you’ve lived at the same address for “a zillion years”, check the “missing money” websites for any state you’ve ever lived in.

Most of the money I’ve found is from insurance companies, health companies, electric companies and department stores – I’m perplexed as to why!  With one exception, I still lived at the exact address they listed on in their database.

Every year, I also search on behalf of my relatives, friends, and clients.  Last year, I sent notices to 6 of them letting them know that NYS was holding their money which totals nearly $600.

So far, no one has found more than a $300 at a time but that’s found money that can go to self-care, debt reduction or even, yes, investments!  Every dollar does count!

Here’s the links to use and share:

All states:

Federal Gov:


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