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What’s in a Name Tag?

Imagine attending a networking event.  Someone sees the image of your name tag from a few feet away, recognizes you, and knows what you do for a living.  This really happened to me — and I was 3,000 miles from home!  (They were a long time newsletter subscriber.)


Another reason to have name tags designed for your company that are consistent with your company’s brand is that everything will be spelled correctly!  At a minimum include your logo and company colors as well as your first name and last name.  If there is room include who you work with — or your 3-7 word tagline.  You can design your name tag online, have your graphic designer create it, or hire your local printer or promotional materials company.


Action:  Choose a method to produce your name tag from above.  You can simply print your badge on high-quality, heavy letterhead paper and place it in a clear badge holder.  Or, you can get as fancy as some of the badges on this website:


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