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Humans, all over the world, are dealing with so much “unknown”. At a time when we need each other, we’re being asked to keep our “social distances” from each other.

We have options.

Find support in your homes. Keep in touch with other relatives and friend virtually, whenever possible. Look around your block. Who is over 60 who might need food or medication? Put a note in their mailbox for them to call you for your help.

Find support online. Find support, even with personal contacts using virtual resources (Teleconferencing, SKYPE, Facetime, StartMeeting, Zoom, etc.)

Find personal support online. Other than joining a local Facebook group, check out Its all about connecting with neighbors.

What sorts of things can you do if you’re not working, are working from home and find that you’re accomplishing so much, or do and keep social distance on the weekends?

Personally, I’m busy moving to a new apartment, right upstairs from where I currently live. There is plenty of cleaning and fixing that needs done to get ready for the painters.

My coaching business has been virtual since its’ inception. If your business is local, let your team work from home. Then call the phone company and ask that calls be forwarded to your assistant’s phone (of course pay for it) or your home or cell phone. There is a charge, but it’s safer than going into the office.

Schedule daily or twice daily meetings with your team virtually.

This month’s “Maria’s TechTip” was all about virtual meeting resources. If you missed the article or want to share it with others, you can do so here:

I became a coach (vs. continuing to only consult) for many reasons, including that I loved the accountability that my coach offered. To help business owners across the globe, I am going to hold as many (no fee, free) “Integrity Accountability Days”, as I can.

It’s an accountability process that you can participant in for an hour or any number of hours per day, at times when it’s being offered of course!  I have US/CA hours as well as some hours if you live in India or the UK.

.. All free to advisors and also business owners and executives.

>>> Start here:

As part of Integrity Accountability, you’ll receive “Tolerations List” to help you can answer the question “what should I or what could I do while I’m home to keep me busy, but live life better, too”.

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