On Friday, May 3, I am hosting a private broadcast Q and A at noon EST, 9am PST.

The conference call will be held directly from my private residence in Brooklyn, NY.

Topic:  8 Steps To Nailing Your Niche and Q and A — so bring your questions and I’ll answer them on the call.

This is by invitation only… and I am inviting YOU!

This event is for financial professionals business owners who have questions about niching.  It’s for:

  • Established advisors and business owners who have tried niching and somehow it didn’t work out exactly like you thought and you want back to business as usual.
  • Successful advisors who hit a plateau and are struggling to get new clients.
  • Professionals  who know they need a niche (like the most successful advisors), don’t know where to start, and want proven steps to follow
  • Advisors willing to make the necessary changes to the way they do business and move from “hunters” to “attractors”.

This Q and A is for high-achievers only. (Or those who aspire to be.)  Because top advisors and business owners have niches!

Does that describe you?
If so, go here now ← quick, limited capacity.

The session will last less than an hour.  But can significantly change the rest of your life.

I’m not BSing you.
By now, you know that I’m not a BS kiinda gal.



My goal is to answer your questions, which I’ll do.  However, I want to provide you with an overview of 8 Steps to Nailing Your Niche (sometimes we call this the Book MORE Clients! Blueprint).  Why?  Because what I’ve learned over the years, is that there are 3 reasons niching doesn’t work…

  1. Advisors don’t niche because they want to help everyone.  They “think” that by niching they’ll loose valuable clients.
  2. Most advisors and business owners miss a step, or two, or three along the path to niching.  Then they get frustrated their niche isn’t working and they go back to “business as usual” — which wasn’t what they wanted in the first place.
  3. They do all the steps but give up too easily.  When you niche, you need to give the whole process around 2 years to work;  not to say that it could take a shorter amount of time to “get the go to person in your niche”.   It’s very important that you follow step 7 –  target your marketing to your “best” or “ideal” clients only.



So, what questions do you have about niching?  Have you created a niche and it didn’t work out the way you thought?  We may have an important step or two that you didn’t take when you first niched.

Haven’t nailed your niche yet?  We’ll quickly go through our blueprint for niching and booking more ideal clients.  You’ll see how niching affects the way you manage and market your business.

Upwards and onwards,

Coach Maria

P.S. go here now to register ← quick, limited capacity.  Stay till the end and you’ll receive the links to our graphic of the 8 steps along with an assessment to get you started on the journey.