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Here’s Coach Maria’s definition: 

Marketing is about letting people know what you do, just for the heck of it. It’s about building relationships, connecting with others, and letting them know how your service (or product) adds value to their lives.

Marketing must be done in a way that is 100% geared to your ideal clients even though you’re looking to reach prospects.
It does not stop once you onboard a client.

It’s about tapping into the needs (challenges, frustrations, pain points) of your ideal clients. But it’s 1 step more. You need to let your prospects, website visitors, newsletter subscribers, etc. know that you understand what they’re going through and you have the solution to their needs.

Onboarding a new client, as well as retaining your existing clients, are some outcomes of great ongoing marketing.

Don’t market in a particular way “just because someone else is doing it!” If it’s not comfortable for you to do, that is the message others will hear too. Would you want to buy from someone who is coming across nervous or uncomfortable with what they’re selling?

Don’t make all the marketing about how great you are or about the “service” names you provide. Coaching, financial planning, web designer are service names.

If a certain way you’re marketing isn’t working, six months after you start it, and you know that some of your ideal clients came to you that way, update what you’re doing. If after 3-4 months it’s still not working, find a better way to market.

Market consistently. That includes your social networking sites. Do they look similar? Do the colors match your firm’s brand?

Finally, never be afraid to take a marketing idea and adjust it so it works better!

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