World Mental Health Day is next Wednesday, October 10. First celebrated in 1992, World Mental Health Day is a day for global mental health education, awareness, and advocacy against social stigma.

I wanted to do something for other business owners, who also deal with depression or ADHD.

Entrepreneurs who struggle with PTSD, anxiety attacks, bi-polar, OCD, or a learning disorder have unique challenges.

Within the challenges come gifts.

At some time in life, I realized keeping lists helped me reach my goals much quicker. I picked up the skills of designing and using schedulers, forms, checklists etc.  All these were originally things to help me stay more focused on what is important to me. By staying focused on the “prize”, I accomplish more than I could ever dream about.

The systems I put into place as I traded and helped retail reps and advisors were so good (saved time and money) that my bosses bragged about them. Next thing I knew, I was helping others customize the systems and initiate them.

I became the “go-to” person or “fixer” of trade and operations problems. They were “Maria problems” that got fixed, and then I would help departments make changes, so the problem didn’t happen again.

Today, the work I do with clients is based on systems. the. Some of the systems may not be easy, but once used, they’ll become part of their business processes.

We Need to Talk About It More

If you’ve dealt with mental health issues, you know the show must go on whether or not you’re feeling good because our clients deserve us at our best.

And it’s something we need to talk about more because even family members hide it from each other!

On October 10th, from 10am EST to 2pm EST, if you want someone to talk to about solutions to mental health issues that are creeping into your business life, schedule a 20-minute meeting.

The call will be free.

I’m sure that one of the life coaching systems I learned at Coach U (coaching school) and the systems I’ve developed over the years could help you, too.

Upwards and onwards,




PS There are successful people with many different mental health issues. For example:


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