Are You Paying Twice For The Same Virus Protection?

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Chances are that you’re paying for virus protection twice.

If you are a person, business, or non-profit who has an internet connection, check your bills!

Today, I was reminded to update this article and send it out again.  I was helping my church fix and update their computers.  One had current virus protection, the other one’s protection ended over a year ago.  The one without virus protection had 377 indications of malware!

The church was paying $97 for a year’s worth of virus protection directly to a virus protection company.   PLUS they were paying $9.49 a month to their internet provider for, you guessed it, virus protection.  It’s been that way for years.

Of course, I recommended they cancel the yearly $97 payment.

And over the years, I’m guessing that I’ve helped more than 100 people realize that they’re paying twice.   Just today, someone else learned that they were paying twice!


Learn if You’re Paying Twice

I learn if my clients are paying for virus protection twice when they send me their personal spending plan (budget) and business budget (their detailed P/L).  I scrutinize both to “find the leaks” —  additional places I think they can save money or get better services for what they’re paying.   Having done this for 20 years, I’ve helped most lower their expenses, the amount of which has been $50 a month to $75,000 a year.

I scrutinize every item.  But two areas automatically raise red flags — insurance payments and technology.

In the area of technology, I often find that they’re paying for virus protection twice.

First:  Are you paying for protection to a company like McAfee or Norton.   The amount can be $30-$200 a year, higher, of course, depending on the number of computers, laptops, or phones you have and if you’re paying individual rates or business rates.

Second: Does your Internet Service Providers (ISPs) offer free or subscription based protection?  I know that Comcast/Xfinity, CenturyNet, and Optimum Spectrum, or Verizon/FIOS do offer it.  Individuals don’t see the payment, instead it’s part of the overall bill.  Business owners often see a monthly rate charged on their statements.   So,  while you’re paying for the internet, you’re also paying for the virus protection they offer you for between one to five different devises!


Coach Maria’s Recommended Actions 

If you have a PC, and think you might be paying for virus protection.

  1. Log into your ISP account and look around for the virus protection, security, or apps section. If you don’t see it, call them to learn where the downloads are located.  Learn if they are free or fee-based.  Ask how many machines the protection can be placed on.
  2. If you’re not using your ISPs virus protection contact their tech area and ask them to place it on your computers.  This is often a free service they will provide.   Or you can download the files to your computer and then run the set up.  If you have any virus protection service on your computer already, the new service will ask you if it can remove it.  Say yes! Then remove the older version or other companies software so that the new one can be added.  (The program should not make you uninstall the program, but if it does, go to Search>Control Panel>Programs   Then find the program you want to uninstall and click it to uninstall.  Make sure that you uninstall all the McAfee or Norton files as there usually are a few to get rid of.)
  3. Once done, cancel your paid subscription directly to the virus protection company.   NOTE:  Most will refund you money minus the months you’ve “used” their service.  And you’ll realize savings year after year in the future.

Often when you call your ISP, you can ask them to walk you through the virus protection system they offer.  In fact, Comcast’s Norton (with your permission) will take over your computer, download the files, and then get the program up and working for you at no additional charge.


Share This Tip With Your Clients

Help your clients save money and make sure they have active virus protections, too. Talk to them about what’s contained in this tip as an “added value” to your services.


(c) 2015, Updated 2017, 2019 Coach Maria,  Elevating Your Business


How much will you save?  Let me know in the comments box. 

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